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Picky? So are we!

Cats are known to be very selective, which is an understatement! At Eldorado Country Pet & Wild Bird we provide carefully vetted, nutritionally sound kibble, wet food, raw, freeze dried and frozen foods containing high quality wholesome ingredients. Be sure to come in and talk one-on-one with a member of the team about your cat or kitten’s specific needs.

For All Life Stages

We’re committed to helping you find the right formula and combination for your cat or kitten and we are always available for nutritional consults. We offer the best cat foods on the market and many are privately owned and operated companies with a long history of commitment to the pet food industry.

Cat Food Brands that include dry, wet, frozen, freeze dried, fresh (refrigerated), dehydrated:

Cat Treats

At Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird we offer specially designed treats for eliminating fur balls, plaque and tarter prevention for healthy teeth and gums, skin and coat health, immune support, and calming treats. We offer high quality, natural ingredients with meat as the first ingredient in crunchy, freeze-dried, soft, and creamy purees.

Our premium brands include:

Giving treats to your kitten or cat is a great bonding opportunity. It is so fun to shake your cat’s favorite treat bag and hear the meowing and purring because you have picked the best high-quality treat for your “purr-y” loved one.

Cat Toys

So much joy in watching cats and kittens play with their toys. Playing with toys greatly improves your cat’s quality of life. Play time contributes to healthy weight, taps into your cat’s “inner hunter”, and provides both mental and physical stimulation. And interacting with toys is a bonding experience between human and fur baby.

At Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird we offer a selection of toys that are certain to delight you and your cats as they chase, stalk, lunge, swat, hunt down and pounce. Your feline loved one gets bored easily so we recommend having a combination of catnip filled toys, plush toys, balls, scratchers, and laser pointers.

So, whether you are fighting boredom, hoping to save the furniture, or encouraging your cat’s inner hunter, stop by or call Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird and let us help you choose the toys that will amuse and entertain your furry loved one.

Some of the premium brands we offer:

Cat Accessories

Litter, collars, harnesses and leashes, bowls and feeders, beds, crates, dental, grooming, flea and tick care, travel supplies, natural and holistic supplements and wellness products.

Your cat knows which type of litter it likes and at Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird you can choose from trusted brands such as:

Your cat knows which type of litter it likes and at EP&WB you can choose from trusted brands such as:

There are many choices of product: walnut or pine pellets, clay, whole-kernel corn, clay, scented, unscented, clumping. Come in and speak with one of the members of our team to determine which is best for your precious fur kid.

Here to help.

Come in or give us a call to discuss your needs or questions.

We look forward to serving you soon at Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird!

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