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Photo Copyright René Laubach

Shop local, feed local.

Attract More Birds with our high-quality wild bird seed, blends, suet, and feeders. Backyard bird feeding is a year-round hobby suitable for all ages. And whether you are new to feeding birds or currently have a yard full of feeders, make Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird your one-stop shop for seed and suet.

We provide the highest quality products from vetted suppliers – brands we know and trust. Our brands are 100% preservative-free with all natural ingredients. Offering sunflower seeds, Nyjer (thistle), millet, peanuts, cracked corn, and no-mess blends which means no shells, no waste, no mess, and no sprouting in your yard. We are always well stocked with extremely popular Mr. Bird seed blocks and seed cylinders that birds find irresistible.

Brands we trust.

With products from Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird, your yard will be full of chirps and songs of an array of beautiful local birds. Stop by any time to obtain information on feeding, housing, and providing ideal habitat to help you enjoy our area birds.

Wild bird expertise.

Let us help you attract beautiful songbirds to your yard. Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird owner Cheryl Grindle brings considerable birding knowledge and experience to the store. Cheryl carefully selects products to enhance your backyard experience here in Northern New Mexico. She welcomes your questions and encourages community sharing of photos and sightings. And be sure to check in with her about setting up tours, walks and seminars.

Meet our feathered friends.

Local Eldorado photographer René Laubach has graciously allowed Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird to share these extraordinary images he has captured over the years in and around Santa Fe County.

Click on any image to see it full size.

Thank you, René!

Photos Copyright René Laubach

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