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Wholesome, Natural, Premium Quality

Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious dog foods and treats. We carefully vet our manufacturers so we can offer products with wholesome ingredients. Most are privately owned and operated companies with a long history of commitment to the pet food industry. Our staff is available for nutritional consultations so whether dry food or kibble, wet food, toppers, gently cooked, freeze-dried, frozen, raw, or dehydrated, we are committed to helping you find the right formula and combination for your furry companion.

Nutrient Dense, Great Tasting

Our nutrient dense, great tasting choices are certain to please and sure to create tail wagging. Our goal is to assist you in creating a loved, healthy, and happy pet. We offer products catering to all life stages — puppy, adult, active adult, small breed, large breed, seniors, weight control, limited ingredient, grain free, healthy grains, allergies and sensitivities and other health challenges. We are happy to make product recommendations, discuss how to feed, and provide steps to transition to a new food, among other topics. The pet food market can be overwhelming so be sure to come in and talk one-on-one with a member of the Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird team about your pet’s specific needs. You and your pet will be glad you did!

Our dog food brands include dry, wet, frozen, freeze dried, fresh (refrigerated), dehydrated:

Dog Treats

At Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird we conduct continuous research so we can offer natural and healthy treat choices. There are so many from which to choose — biscuits, soft, jerky, frozen marrow bones and the list continues. It is important to find the one or ones that your dog responds to and enjoys. Not only are treats a wonderful way to train your dog, we have dog owners tell us all the time how much of a “treat it is to treat their furry companion.”

At Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird we have found that our discerning pet owners want first-rate treats for their dogs and puppies. We make certain we offer treats containing high quality proteins and other whole food ingredients. Come in and see our wide selection. And the store treat jar is always full so a terrific opportunity to see if your four-legged family member finds a selection appealing. Our premium brands include:

Dog Toys

We humans delight in watching and interacting with our furry loved one as they chew, shake, and fetch their favorite toy.

Playing with toys provides physical exercise, mental stimulation, and relaxation. During the puppy stage, providing a selection of toys may save on the human’s purchase of shoes and socks. They help puppies with teething, build independence as they chew and fetch. Playing with toys tires them out by burning excess energy. They help alleviate boredom when you leave your dog alone at home. And finally, interacting with toys is a great bonding experience between you and your furry family member.
Let us help you CHOOSE your dog’s CHEWS!

Examples of our high-quality brands of dog toys:

Some of the most popular types of dog toys:

Chew Toys
Small rubber toys for smaller breeds and puppies to tougher long-lasting ones geared towards larger breeds.

Balls & throw toys such as frisbees
Interactive such as puzzles and treat dispensing. Relieves boredom and entertains your dog when you are away from your pet.

Plush / Soft
For comfort and availability in many sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Plus, they are so darn cute!

Dog Accessories

Collars, harnesses & leashes, bowls, beds, crates, coats, dental, grooming, flea & tick care, travel supplies, natural & holistic supplements & wellness products.

And more………………….

A collar with an ID tag is safety gear for your dog. We offer custom dog ID tags as well as an assortment of collars, harnesses & leashes.

Whether you need a collar, or harness, or warm coat or comfy bed, we invite you to bring your dog in for a custom fitting. Doggies are very good at picking out their new bed!

Choose from high-quality brands such as:

Here to help.

Come in or give us a call and let us help you find your best friend’s next best friend!

Fetch, squeaky, chew, interactive, balls, frisbees, stuffed toys, all designed for entertainment, training, enrichment, comfort. We have many options from which to choose and are confident we can help you choose something that will be rewarding for you and your pet.

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